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*kraftuz klexos: Experimental Embroidery Workshop
at Random Acts of Community Love Festival | 9th September 15:00, Recyclart, Brussels

*kraftuz klexos: crafting memory 
In this experimental embroidery workshop you will embroider onto your photograph/postcard, or create a composition combining it with different papers scraps, threads, and stitches to turn your photograph into a piece of art. After a quick intro session, Gamze will show you some simple paper embroidery techniques. You don’t need any previous experience. You will all make a stitch sampler so that you can practice, and refer back to this. Then we get to stitching! You can focus on the photograph/postcard that you bring, or create a collage piece with it. Throughout the workshop I encourage everyone to chat, be comfortable, ‘stitch and bitch’, or listen to music and do your own thing. Embroidery circles have always been spaces to drink tea, talk shit and make beautiful things.

What should you expect?
• Stitching the fragments: of time, of place, of self
• Memory and heritage: ancestral remembrance, creative archiving
• An act of resistance: decolonising and reclaiming culture, femmage
• Therapy: to slow time, to craft with hands and eyes

And honestly there’s something therapeutic about repeatedly stabbing something with a tiny sword and making something beautiful.

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