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Legend says that when people come here, they fall in love. I asked Rocco about the city.
He told me about youth. Her name is ‘amante’ - the lover of outsiders – “amante i cuori fuori, delle persone che venga”.
Then, another Rocco found me. He said, “In Arabic, she’s ‘the place illuminated by the sun’.”
When she reached Rocco, the Arabic was lost in translation. Italian whispers. The third said, Al Mantiah - ‘stronghold’.
‘A’mantia’, in searching for stories, she found me. A poem weaved through layers: part archival, part folk tale. Threading names, tangled through time. A divination dream of forgotten histories. - Gamze Şanlı

Film Credits

Writer and director: Gamze Şanlı
Producers: Gamze Şanlı and Natali Khalili Tari
Cinematography: Natali Khalili Tari, Simona Loghin, and Gamze Şanlı
Cast: Gamze Şanlı and Shug Cvitanić
Sound Engineering: Louie Clarke
Sound Mix and Design: Olivia A. Melkonian
Music: Arend Ardie Van Der Knijff and Christopher Galovan
Editor: Gamze Şanlı
Poster Design: Leyla Gökçek

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